Shimano XTR 12 Speed 10T-51T CS-M9100 | M9101 Micro Spline MTB Cassette
Shimano XTR 12 Speed 10T-51T CS-M9100 | M9101 Micro Spline MTB Cassette

Shimano XTR 12 Speed 10T-51T CS-M9100 | M9101 Micro Spline MTB Cassette

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The Ultimate XTR CS-M9100-12 cassette from Shimano


Made in Japan 


The starting point for the new development of the XTR in the drive area was for Shimano the goal to realize the lowest possible switching steps so that the cadence jumps when switching remain as small as possible, rhythm and propulsion are maintained and ultimately the speed is maintained. The result was a large 51-tooth sprocket that maintained the uniform difference of 6 teeth per gear in the small gears (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45- 51 Z). 

The 10-51Z cassette is the ideal choice for trail riders who can tackle even the steepest ramps ,

The largest sprockets are made of aluminum, the middle of titanium and the smallest of steel.


Dcbikes Product Features :

Application: Cross Country, Enduro, Trail

Switching Levels: 12-speed

Shifters: 10-51

Material Pinion: Steel, Titanium, Aluminum

Freewheel Compatibility: Shimano Micro Spline


Technical specifications:

Series: XTR M9100

Spider / Sprocket Carrier: 1 (Aluminum)

Recommended Chain: CN-M9100



- 12x Hyperglide + Cassette

- 10-51: wide-range version with 510% coverage, 

- for 1 X 12 Speed system 

- better acceleration due to lower moment of inertia and weight of the Beam spider construction

- quick and smooth shifting

- micro-spline construction to track the cassette hub

- pinions 1 to 4 in steel, 5 to 9 in titanium, 10 to 12 in aluminum

- pinion carrier and lockring anodized



Hyperglide +

With Hyperglide +, you do not need to stop pedaling while the drive system shifts, so you can effortlessly master trails that change conditions from one second to the next. You get the support you need to master almost any terrain, while the drive system always gives you the gearshift options you need to enjoy your ride.


Micro Spline

Micro Spline reduces weight with a light freewheel hub, with the smallest sprocket having

10 teeth. The driving stability is increased by 30%. A 7.6 ° angle (max.) Ensures fast response. Micro Spline freewheels can only be used in combination with Micro Spline cassettes and rear hubs.


- Gradation : 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51. T

Weight : 382g


Package Includes :

1 X New Shimano XTR 12 Speed 10T-51T CS-M9100 Micro Spline MTB Cassette 

⚠ (Brand new without retail packaging)


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