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Please read carefully the disclaimer # Dcbikes®️ 

⚠ DCBIKES®️ Customer's Disclaimer #

YOU, By engaging or purchasing Dcbikes ® bicycle accessories / DCBIKES®️ TRANSPORTATION SERVICE / Bike Ambulance ®/ Pet Ambulance ®️ /DCBIKES®️ RESTORATION /FINE TUNING / SERVICING / DCBIKES HYDRAULIC REBLEEDING SERVICE ( DHRS®️ ) / DCBIKES®️ FASTWHEEL FO AMBULANCE , YOU, automatically AGREE, with or without your consent, acknowledge to the TERMS and CONDITIONS governing the rules for purchasing and engaging DCBIKES®️ PRODUCTS AND SERVICES at all times.

Please NOTE that all Dcbikes®️ items/products, services, bicycle accessories etc SOLD are NOT  EXCHANGEABLE and REFUNDABLE at all times. Includes Products sold/ trades /services rendered / items INSTALLED / Package opened /No exceptions Even for 1 single screw.

⚠️ Deposits are strictly not REFUNDABLE . Pre order purchases requires full payment or deposit which are Strictly not REFUNDABLE or EXCHANGABLE for other products at all times.

Dcbikes ®️ not responsible for lost/damaged Mail /Postage items. Item purchased by mail ✉ is solely at your own risk.

Items / Products sold/ purchased/ trades / or Dcbikes ®️ services are non REFUNDABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE AT ALL TIMES, PLEASE CHECK THE ITEMS BEFORE U LEAVE.

No manufacturers warranty on all new and used parts /accessories. Item sold are deem as export set.

In any case on defects on new products, return for a 1 to 1 exchange within 1 day.

You must proof that item is defective and Product / item package must be in original condition and packaging .IT MUST NOT BE USED/Installed in any way. Item / products must be sent back to us ONLY by hand or registered mail with tracking number. No EXCEPTIONS.

For Dcbikes ®️ grooming /Restoration /Fine tuning service, upon collection, all customers are required to test and check their bikes before and after service to ensure all components are fully functional that all servicing & repairs are fully done up by Dcbikes ® n thereafter they are responsible for the bike well being.

We strive to resolve amicably with our Dcbikes® customers to settle all issues.We take PRIDE and lots and lots of efforts to make things work for both parties.

In any case of accidents/incidents or in any events of disputes be liable for any liability made against Dcbikes ®️ ALL DISPUTES ARE IN FAVOR FOR DCBIKES ®️

Thank you for your kind attention and support. DCBIKES ®️ Disclaimer # Governing Terms and Conditions dated as of 1st day of Dcbikes ® Sales and Operations.

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

All logos, bikes /bicycle accessories /products and photos are Intellectual Properties of Dcbikes ®️.

All Rights Reserved.