XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset
XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset

Shimano XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset

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Shimano XT M8100 2x12-speed Group Clamp 10-45


Made in Japan 


The Deore XT M8100 is Shimano's newest weapon in search of mountain bike fun and adventure. As the first group of components designed specifically for mountain bikes ever, the Deore XT M8100 continues its success story based on high durability and reliable performance.



SPECIAL GEAR TEETH FUNCTION SHIMANO’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ is a special gear teeth profile designed for use in single-chainring configurations for XC, enduro, and trail riding. It gives more chain retention and smoother pedaling - even over bumpy terrain. Chain retention of any gear will reduce abrasion and worn out.


Providing the best balance of stiffness, strength, weight and rotating performance The concept of HOLLOWTECH II technology is focused on producing a superior crankset which will maximize a rider’s power transfer. The rigidity of the crankset ensures pedaling efficiency while its weight, a key element of the crankset, you want light, aids in cycling longer distances over which the rider needs to pedal more. Naturally, SHIMANO strove for the optimum balance between the conflicting needs of stiffness while producing a lightweight crank. HOLLOWTECH technology is an ultra-lightweight hollow crankarm created by SHIMANO with the company’s own proprietary forging technology that also maintains rigidity. The addition of HOLLOWTECH II technology integrates the bottom bracket axle with the right crankarm for more stiffness and a weight savings to achieve a high-dimensional balance. Its outboard bottom bracket bearing system provides better weight distribution and more pedaling stability, allowing for more efficient power transfer. The HOLLOWTECH II crankset has been developed by pursuing the optimum balance of stiffness & rotating performance in a lightweight and beautiful crankset design. High Precision Sealing Moreover, HOLLOWTECH II crankset has a high-precision sealing in the bearing area to increase durability maintaining the excellent rotating performance for long periods.

Instant Release

INSTANT RELEASE shifting replaces the two-stage click and release shifting you are familiar with. INSTANT RELEASE shifting releases cable as soon the lever is activated, resulting in the quickest possible gear changes. Whether it is an upshift with a Top Normal rear derailleur or a downshift with low normal rear derailleur a quicker shift is always a better shift. 

2-Way Release

The RAPIDFIRE Plus shifter release lever is commonly called a trigger because it is operated like a pistol, by pulling toward the grip. The release lever of RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from ALIVIO to XTR can be operated in this same manner but adds the ability to activate a release shift by pushing with the thumb. 

Rapidfire Plus

Mountain bikers have used RAPIDFIRE Plus since 1985. RAPIDFIRE Plus is still a winning choice from a wide range of riders from XC racers to freeriders. RAPIDFIRE Plus is suited to quick shifting, giving riders the ability to downshift three gears in one stroke. RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from DEORE to XTR all feature 2-WAY RELEASE, which means release shifts by pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.

Rapidfire Plus Mono

RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO LEVER provides intuitive and simple front control that empowers riders to shift both up and down with a single lightweight and compact lever.

Benefits & Features

Simple and intuitive single lever operation, quicker access and lighter front shifting enhances concentration.

Front double shifting with natural finger positioning supports intuitive shifting operation.

Easy front shifting helps riders quickly and accurately respond to rapidly changing conditions.

RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO LEVER’s simple and intuitive lever operation allows riders to shift both up and down with a single lever. It supports front double shifting with natural finger positioning and intuitive shifting operation while maintaining a solid grip on the handlebar. 2WAY-RELEASE functionality delivers instantaneous push & pull movements to help riders respond quickly and accurately to rapidly changing conditions.


I-SPEC EV creates a clean and action-optimized cockpit that provides greater focus and flexibility for a wider range of riders

Benefits & Features

Wider adjustment range allows riders of various styles, preferences and body styles to adjust to the optimal position.

Ergonomic design, quicker lever access, and light operation enhance rider comfort and concentration.

With its wider adjustment range, I-SPEC EV levers can be adjusted to the optimal position to match a wider range of riding styles (ENDURO/XC/etc.), rider preferences and rider anatomies (hand and arm alignment). I-SPEC EV increases brake lever rigidity by moving the brake clamp position inward to create an extra point of contact between the bar and the lever. This additional bracing drastically increases bike control and braking engagement while maintaining space between the clamp and support point for other handlebar accessories.


MICRO SPLINE delivers lightweight aluminum FREEHUB body to reduce weight and 10 teeth top gear. Use combination with MICRO SPLINE cassette sprocket and FREEHUB.

Benefits & Features

Lightweight aluminum MICRO SPLINE FREEHUB seamlessly integrates with small 10-tooth top gears.

Smaller and more widely distributed splines limit cog damage on lightweight aluminum FREEHUB.


HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain’s redesigned cassette and chain promotes the next generation of MTB riding by enhancing speed, shifting efficiency and smoothness over any terrain.

Benefits & Features

Better chain engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling provide greater power and confidence over rapidly changing terrain.

Definitive up & down shifting in both directions boosts riders’ concentration and acceleration.

Ultra-efficient drivetrain with smoother power transmission increases comfort and reduces rider stress.

A wide range of gearing choices, cassette options and the choice of a single or double front chainring, support a wide variety of MTB riding styles, abilities and preferences.

HYPERGLIDE+ will help kickstart the next generation of mountain bike riding by introducing continuous pedaling over virtually any terrain. This revamped drive system and dedicated chain deliver fast shifting, efficient power transfer and chain stability like you’ve never experienced before. It helps riders adapt to drastically changing trail conditions by precisely judging the optimal shifting moment for consistently smooth operation. HYPERGLIDE+ helps riders seamlessly maneuver rough trails by reducing pedaling shock and cutting shifting times by a 1/3. (vs. current HG system).

The original mountain bike group continues its legacy: XT M8100 2x12-speed Group from Shimano

The original mountain bike group continues its legacy of remaining the standard for mountain bikers everywhere. Nearly three decades in, the DEORE XT brand is defined by its trail-tested durability, reliability and performance. Recognizing that today’s mountain bikers are riding faster and confidently on more technical terrain, the legacy of DEORE XT is more important than ever. In 2019, our pinnacle mountain bike technologies will trickle down to SHIMANO DEORE XT M8100.

Shimano XT FC-M8100-2 12-speed Crank 36/26

The Shimano XT FC-M8100 2x12-speed crank with 172 mm Q-factor, 48.8 mm chainline and 142 mm O.L.D offers maximum drive efficiency at low weight. In combination with the 10-45 tooth cassette, it delivers an incredible transmission bandwidth! The perfect set-up for long races and hard climbs. In addition to a new special 12-speed chain (CN-M8100) with the corresponding new 12-speed QUICK LINK lock, SHIMANO is also equipping the XT M8100 with new cranksets for 2x12-speed (FC-M8100-2/8120-B2). 

For those who are drawn to unknown terrain, our 2x12 crank option offers the ultimate range for all eventualities. The chainring gradation of 36-26T in combination with the 10-45T cassette offers almost unlimited possibilities to tackle every imaginable terrain while keeping the cadence constant through low gear jumps.


Dcbikes Product Features :

FC-M8100-2 Q-Factor 172mm

Chain line 48.8mm

O.L.D 142mm

Compatibility 2x12-speed with CS-M8100 cassettes 10-45

Mounting system Direct mount (Lighter and stiffer design & easy exchangeable chainring by direct mount and one key release)

Use: MTB

Group: XT M8100

Model: FC-M8100-2

Gradation: 36-26T

Q-Factor: 172mm

Threaded BB shell width: 68 / 73mm

 Gear front: 2-speed

Gear rear: 12-speed

Construction: Hollowtech II

Compatible Chain: CN-M8100 12-speed

Crank arms: 4 arm

O.L.D: 142mm

Chain line: 48.8mm

Crank Arm Length 170mm


Crank arm: Aluminum Anodized

Crank axle: Steel Plated

Large Chainring: Aluminum

Small Chainring: Aluminum

Weight approx. 654g (manufacturer information)

Bottom Bracket BB-MT800 / Pressfit BB-MT800-PA not included!

Shimano XT SL-M8100 2x12-speed Shift Lever Set

The Shimano XT SL-M8100 2x12-speed Rapidfire Plus (Mono) shift features a lightweight, ergonomic and compact design. In addition to the shifting behavior, the performance also increases. With 20 % quicker lever access time and 35 % less force. 

Enhancing lever access and shifting speed, the new RAPIDFIRE PLUS shift levers offer light operation force and more versatility. Shimano’s new I-Spec EV lever design features greater flexibility in mounting for a clean and ergonomic cockpit. And for double chainring systems, the lever simplifies front shifting with a lightweight and compact design that shifts up and down with a single lever.        


20% quicker lever access time

Intuitive simple front control

Compact design and lightweight

Quicker lever access and light operation force maintains rider concentration

Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout

2-WAY RELEASE for instant push/pull movements

Use: MTB

Group: XT M8100

Model: RD-M8100

Shifter Type:

2-speed Rapidfire Plus Mono

12-speed Rapidfire Plus

Mounting: Clamp

Gear front: 2-speed

Gear rear: 12-speed

Optical Gear Display: No

Instant Release: Yes

Multi Release: Yes

2-Way Release: Yes

Cable adjust: Yes


Main lever body: Aluminum Painted

Lever body: Aluminium, GFRP

Clamp bolt: Stainless steel


 approx. 210g / pair (manufacturer information)

Shimano XT RD-M8120 2x12-speed Rear Derailleur

The Shimano XT RD-M8120 2x12-speed rear derailleur features an elegant yet aggressive angled design and an attractive anodised aluminium surface. The derailleurs feature bigger 13-tooth pulleys and include Shimano’s proven Shadow RD+ low profile technology. The use of a single or a double system requires the installation of the specific single or double rear derailleur (1x12: RD-M8100-SGS / 2x12: RD-M8120-SGS).       


Shadow RD+ For optimal chain retention


45T max cog size

Works with 2x12-speed 10-45-teeth cassette

Pulley size with 13T increased for reduced friction

Product features

Use: MTB

Group: XT M8100

Model: RD-M8120

Mount: Direct Mount

Technology: Shadow RD+

Gradations: SGS-Type 2x12-speed (10-45 cassette)

Compatible chain: CN-M8100 12-speed

Max. teeth large sprocket: 45T

Min. teeth large sprocket: 45T

Max. teeth small sprocket: 10T

Min. teeth small sprocket: 10T

Max. Front Difference: 10T

Total Capacity: 45T

Pulley cage

Type-SGS long




Stainless steel



approx. 284g (manufacturer information)

Shimano XT CS-M8100 12-speed Cassette 10-45

The Shimano CS-M8100 is the suitable cassette for new XT 12-speed group. HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain’s redesigned cassette and chain promotes the next generation of MTB riding by enhancing speed, shifting efficiency and smoothness over any terrain.


Gearing option 10-45T (12-speed rhythm step spec for Cross Country)

Hyperglide+ quicker shifting

Material Aluminium & steel

BEAM SPIDER construction Increased acceleration

MICRO SPLINE 10T lowest sprocket realized by new FREEHUB body construction

Product features

Use: MTB

Group: XT M8100

Model: CS-M8100-12

Type: Hyperglide+

Gear: 12-speed

Compatible chain: CN-M8100 12-speed


10-45 (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45 teeth)





approx. 461g (manufacturer information) 

Shimano XT CN-M8100 12-speed Chain with Quick-Link

The special design of the new Shimano XT CN-M8100 12-speed chain ensures improved shifting performance and smoother running - even in rough terrain. The SM-CN910-12 Quick-Link closure, which is also new, makes installation easy.


New Drive System Dedicated Design Chain

Greater chain retention to extend portion on the end of inner plate to firmly hold the tooth both front and cassette sprocket

Enhancements to shifting performance

Easy connect

Smoother driving even over bumpy terrain

Compatible with new generation of drive train

Quick-Link (SM-CN910-12)

Quick-Link connecting & removing pliers (TL-CN10) - Not included!

Product features

Use: MTB, E-Bike

Group: XT M8100

Model: CN-M8100

Gear front: 1/2-speed

Gear rear: 12-speed

Type: HG

Hollow Pin: Yes

Pin Link Plate: SIL-TEC

Roller Link Plate: Chromizing

Roller: SIL-TEC

Connector: Quick-Link SM-CN910-12


XT M8100

SLX M7100

XTR M9100

12-speed E-Bike




approx. 252g / 116 Links (manufacturer information)


Package Includes :

1 X New Set Of Shimano XT M8100 2 X 12 Speed 10-45T Groupset

⚠ Note 🌟 No retail packaging 


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