Shimano XT M786 Shadow+ 10 Speed MTB Rear Derailleur Mech

Vendor: Shimano
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Shimano XT M786 Shadow+ 10-Speed Rear Mech


Made in Japan 


This Shimano XT M786 Shadow+ 10 Speed Rear Mech provides more space around the rear frame dropout area, which results in easier rear wheel removal. The XT M786 Shadow+ 10-Speed Rear Mech comes with four fluorine-coated link pin bushings to provide super-slick shifting on the trails.



Colours : Silver or Black

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Direct Mount gives a simpler, cleaner look

Deore XT Shadow Dyna-Sys 10-speed rear derailleur delivers reliable and precise shifting with a stiff and lightweight open design

Shadow features a super low profile design that reduces the risk of damage from trail side hazards

Shadow Plus uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce in rough terrain maintaining more stable drive and shifting. This can be switched off to remove the wheel

Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards

All-alloy construction leads to lower weight without compromising strength and durability

Four fluorine-coated link pin bushings make this one of the slickest shifting derailleurs on the trails

High rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidity resulting in a crisp shift

Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel

Durable sealed bearing pulleys

36T capacity SGS cage

Weight: 249g


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Package Includes :

1 X New XT 10 speed Derailleur without retail packaging