Shimano Left + Right V Brakes 8 X 3 Speed Shifter 24 Speed OR 7 X 3 Speed Shifter 21 Speed

Type: Shifters
Vendor: Shimano
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Model: Shimano 


Made in Malaysia 




Left Shifter 3 Speed + Brakes  X Right Shifter 8 Speed + Brakes 




Left Shifter 3 Speed + Brakes X Right 7 Speed + Brakes


No brake cables.only shifter cables included from Shimano factory 

Total (24-speed) pointer display

Caliber: 22.2mm

Good for: mountain bike / urban leisure bike / folding bike

Net Weight: 362g / pair


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Package Includes :

1 pair of New 7 or 8 speed V Brakes/ Shifter levers without retail packaging