Shimano Ice Tech Shark Fin Resin Brake Pads Deore SLX XT XTR -Alfine J-Type Disc
Shimano Ice Tech Shark Fin Resin Brake Pads Deore SLX XT XTR -Alfine J-Type Disc
Shimano Ice Tech Shark Fin Resin Brake Pads Deore SLX XT XTR -Alfine J-Type Disc

Shimano Ice Tech Shark Fin Resin Brake Pads Deore SLX XT XTR -Alfine J-Type Disc

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The most advanced brake pads on the market.


Made in Japan


Shimano Jo2A IceTech Finned pads have more engineering packed into them than many companies' entire calipers. It starts with the fins. By bringing the pad back plate out of the caliper body and adding air grabbing fins to it, Shimano increases the cooling capacity of the backplates. It doesn't stop there however, the finned portion of the backplate is made from aluminum which transfers heat more effectively than steel, once again for faster cooling.

Resin pads are softer and tend to be quieter. They offer more initial bite, but fade faster than metallic pads on longer descents. Do not use organic/semi-metallic/resin pads in wet conditions.


Shimano's J-Type Disc Brake Pads ensure top braking performance and maintain the safety of your Shimano brake system. Having created Ice Technology into their disc brake pads to provide a cooling effect, which delivers a consistent and stable braking performance.


Shimano J05A-RF Brake Pads for XTR, XT, SLX and Alfine - Extra long service life

Shimano's J05A-RF brake pads have an organic lining on a lightweight aluminium backing plate and feature Ice-Tech cooling fins. They are compatible with older XTR brakes, with XT, SLX, Deore as well as older Alfine and certain Road 2-piston disc brakes. Compared to the J03A model, the wear resistance has been extended by approx. 40 %. The built-in cooling fins provide excellent heat dissipation, thus reducing the risk of fading and at the same time increasing the service life of the brake pad. In addition, the J05A-RF impress with best dosage and a very low noise development. Thanks to their above-average braking power, stability and optimised thermal insulation, they perform reliably in both dry and wet conditions.


Compatible with the following Shimano Models:

BR-M9000 - BR-M785 - BR-R785 - BR-M9020 - BR-M675 - BR-M987 - BR-M666 - BR-M985 - BR-M615 - BR-RS785 - BR-S700 - BR-M8000 - BR-M9000 M6000 M7000 M8000 M9020 M8100 

XTR BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, BR-M985 / XT BR-M8100, BR-M8000, BR-M785 / SLX BR-M7100, BR-M7000, BR-M675, BR-M666 / Deore BR-M6100, BR-M6000, BR-M615 / Alfine BR-S700 / Groupless road bike: BR-RS785, BR-R785


Dcbikes Product Features :

Revised synthetic resin coating: 40% better wear resistance than previous models

Lightweight aluminium backing plate cooling fins increase the service life of the brake pad and reduce the risk of fading

Smooth and quiet braking (quieter than sintered metal pads)

Easy to estimate braking force (modulation)

Above-average performance

Optimised thermal insulation especially designed for dry and wet




Shimano Ice Technologies provide a fast heat dissipation at your disc brake. The brake pads are equipped with aluminium cooling fins. The brake rotor is constructed using a sandwich technique in which stainless steel encloses an aluminium core. The stainless steel on both flanks ensures long durability, the aluminium allows heat dissipation.



Resin Pad Features:

Resin pads make less noise than metal pads and offer better modulation.

Radiator Fin - provides long pad life and less fade by cooling technology

Flexible compound

Less noise

Focus on controllable performance

Designed for dry and wet conditions


Note 🌟 Option for New J05A.

Option for JO2A May come in code J02A or J03A


Package Includes :

1 pair of New Shimano Ice Tech Resin Brake Pads only. No Springs

⚠️Note 🌟 Brand new without retail packaging


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