Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank
Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank
Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank
Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank
Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank
Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank

Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX810 Hollowtech II Crank

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SHIMANO GRX crank FC-RX810 | 1x 10/11-speed | 42 teeth


Made in Japan 


The Gravel bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. The advantages are apparent. They have a more comfortable geometry than racing bikes, are also excellent off the paved roads and are suitable for a longer journey. However, the conventional racing bike components reach their limits with these wheels. Therefore, Shimano has developed its own switching groups especially for this genus.


The Gravel crank for the 1-speed fans comes in elegant design and with the Shimano typical excellent workmanship on the market. The chain line of 51.1 mm makes room for wide tires in the frame and optimally positions the chainring to the 11-speed cassette. Nevertheless, the Q-factor with 151 mm has remained in the green range. By grading the pinion block from 11-40 or 11-42 teeth, you can make speed in the plane, but also climb steep climbs easily.


Despite the fact that gravel enthusiasts have been growing exponentially over the past decade, technology for the gravel front stayed pretty stagnant. Sure, some trickle-down technology from the mountain bike side hit the road less traveled with disc brakes and tubeless tires, but until recently there hasn't been a designated groupset that hits the mark for gravel riding and racing. Fortunately Shimano puts a stop to that with its GRX line, and the GRX FC-RX810 1x Crankset offers a 1x application that strays away from the world of knobby, fat tires, and into gravel, rail trails, and old forgotten roads that take you to wild west towns and scenic vistas. This is significant for two reasons -- firstly, the fact that Shimano has dedicated so much time to gravel riders, but also because it's the first time Shimano offers a dedicated 1x crankset outside of their mountain bike lineup. For riders seeking the simplicity, reliability, and improved chain retention of a single-ring drivetrain on their gravel or all-road bike, look no further. As you might've guessed, it's designed to work with Shimano's GRX 11-speed gravel group. That being said, it would work just as well if you wanted to throw it on your existing bike that's already equipped with Shimano 11-speed road components. Shimano spent over two years getting feedback from gravel enthusiasts when developing the groupset that will ultimately tackle dirt and gravel roads and singletrack on drop-bar machines. It learned that rider's wanted the option of 1 setups, wide gear ranges with low enough gears to tackle tough climbs, and of course, reliability. The GRX FC-RX810 gives you all this, and works flawlessly with the rest of the GRX 11-speed lineup. It scales in a full 100-grams lighter than its RX600 counterparts, which does come with a slight jump in price, but we're willing to pay that counts as a bit less we have to carry over 200+ miles at Kanza. The crank is constructed of durable, lightweight, and stiff...


Dcbikes Product Features :

⚠ Note 🌟 All GRX cranks have the same spindle lengths. Used with the rs500 bb (Tiagra) ultegra BBR60 etc ROAD BB in a threaded 68mm bb shell, you should not use any spacers.

Intended use : Gravel, Cyclocross

Material crank arms: aluminum

Material Spider: aluminum

Material crankshaft: steel

Diameter crankshaft: 24 mm

Crank lengths: 170mm / 172.5 mm 

Bolt circle diameter diameter: 110 mm / 110bcd

Spider: 4-arm - 110 bcd

Chain blade pitch: 42 teeth

Chainring bolts: aluminum

Chain line : 50.1 mm

Q-factor: 151 mm

Compatibility bottom bracket: BSA, ITA, BB30, BB92 and others (optional, not included)

Compatibility chains: 11-speed

Finish: Matt

Color: Black

Weight 650g


Package Includes :

1 X New Shimano 42T GRX FC-RX 810 Hollowtech II Crank

⚠ Note 🌟 No retail packaging 


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