Shimano 12 Speed XTR SL-M9100 I Spec EV MTB Right Shifter 
Shimano 12 Speed XTR SL-M9100 I Spec EV MTB Right Shifter 

Shimano 12 Speed XTR SL-M9100 I Spec EV MTB Right Shifter 

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Shimano XTR SL-M9100 Rapidfire Plus Shifting Lever - I-Spec EV - 12-speed - right


Made in Japan 


Shimano XTR M9100 - Back to where it all started.

The Shimano XTR M9100 group was developed to meet the demands of mountainbike racers at the highest level and guarantees "second to none" performance. The range offers the most versatile components for XC, Enduro and Marathon races.


It all started with the search for the ultimate MTB racing components and now the XTR continues 27 years of innovation with even more speed, focus and control. It is jam-packed with the technological advantages needed to push the boundaries of today's insanely demanding courses. It is lighter, smoother, more durable and versatile to transfer all pedal-pounding watts into ground speed with extreme efficiency.


Shimano XTR SL-M9100 Rapidfire Plus (Mono) shifting lever

The target of the Shimano XTR SL-M9100 shift lever's development was to enable the driver to react immediately to sudden changes caused by the track or the racing situation. In addition, the intuitive operation of the XTR 9100 handlebar elements has once again been significantly optimized, which can mean the decisive tenths of a second of advantage in racing. The special focus which the developers have placed on shifting ultimately benefits the driver by allowing him to focus away from the controls and completely on the racing action. In addition the developers have implemented shifting levers with significantly lower leverage and travel so that mountainbikers can operate their system intuitively and seamlessly with minimal finger movements.


With the I-Spec EV design Shimano shifting levers can be mounted directly to the brake lever, what makes it possible to dispense with a clamp and significantly increase the adjustment range. I-Spec EV allows 14 mm for longitudinal and 60° for rotational adjustment so that each rider can make a setup to suit his or her individual anatomy or preferences.


Proven features such as Rapidfire Plus, 2-Way-, Instant- and Multi-Release have of course been adopted by the SL-M9100 shifting levers from its predecessor. The left Rapidfire Plus Mono gear lever for 2-speed systems is a completely new development in which both the large and small chainrings are shifted with just one lever. The lever is pressed forward with the thumb to shift up, but does not spring back afterwards as before, but remains locked in this position. To shift down to the small chainring, simply release this lock by pressing it again with your thumb or by pulling it with your forefinger.


Instant Release allows faster shifts as it instantly releases the cable when the trigger is activated.

Multi-Release (only at right lever) allows shifting four gears at once in both directions.


The levers are also equipped with 2-Way Release for different riding styles or shifting (indexfinger or thumb) from various riding positions. The upper lever still performs the same function, but now it swings both ways. Pull it with your finger or push it with your thumb - you choose.

Material: aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP)


Dcbikes Product Features :

Product Name: Shimano XTR SL-M9100 Rapidfire Plus Shifting Lever - I-Spec EV - 12-speed - right

Manufacturer: Shimano Parts

Usage bikesport: MTB

⚠ Shifting system: 12-speed only

Shifting actuation: Mechanical

Separate / pair: Separate

Shift lever type: Shift Lever

Weight: 117g


Package Includes :

1 X New Shimano 12 Speed XTR SL-M9100 I Spec EV MTB Right Shifter 

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