Mountain bike Restoration / SPA Grooming / Bicycle Servicing / DE rust / Refurbishment

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📍 Note : You have to take our package first then any minor or major works we will help to do with add on charges example : change chain, change burst tyres install broken grips, handlebar, seat post etc to name some common scenerios 

Due to our heavy work load, and long waiting list 📃, we r currently unable to do other modifications.

❌ OUR MAIN CORE IS CLEAN SERVICE & LUBE . *the rust removal part if ur bike is inside some caves or army bunker or some ex-gf house for ZILLION N ZILLIONS OF YEARS please understand we will request top up of $30-$100 for superduper hard jobs ( something like rusty tanks in sahara desert u get our drift ) ...  PLEASE ENQUIRE WITH US

To be honest,  De Rust have to depends on how bad is the damage) So case to case BASIS.( Hope u be understanding towards your own bike conditions) BUT IN ALL CASES WE DO OUR ULTIMATE BEST FOR ALL DCBIKES CUSTOMERS 


Pls see the pictures on this listing - BEFORE and AFTER 

Bicycle mtb Restoration /Grooming and Fine tune servicing for all mountain bike, Full Suspension, fat bikes, hardtail, land Rover Foldable road bike fixie hybrid racer etc


We provide 🔧🔦🔨

DCBIKES IN-house SPA ♨ / Grooming/ Restoration / Fine tune Servicing   

✅ 1: Removal of Dirt 💩 / Mud / Tar / Oil, etc

✅ 2: Degrease/Cleaning re-lubricate & oil cassette/Crank/Check all components 

✅ 3. *MINOR De-rust ( RUST REMOVAL) very effective. To have a better understanding the bike is keep in a cool dry environment for 3-9months with surface rust on it. NOT THOSE ORANGY TYPE WHICH OOZES OUT their brown juicy n eat into the paint surfaces (📝 BAD RUST PRICE VARIES FROM $30 ONWARDS) 

✅ 4. Lube all suspension, bolts etc

✅ 5. Fine tuning of gears,adjustment of brakes,lube suspension, etc

✅ 6. Wash & Wax/polish remove fine scratches/


✅ 8. Tyre shine plus final detailing at only $268


* Extra charges applies $30+ ONWARDS for extreme cases of rust for area like suspension n screws n crank side . It takes a lot of effort to make it go away . We will require some PICTURES if possible to assess . 

( Not inclusive of transport delivery charges & minor/major repair works , pickup/drop off at Eunos rd 5... estimate waiting time minimum 1-2DAYS for urgent case ) 

✔✔✔Do let us know if u wish to have your bike pick up from yr home, groom /tune and send it back to u.( DELIVERY CHARGES APPLY ) 

 In Other Cases like shimano /sram can't change gear- needs fine tuning repair etc , Rim/ wheels wobble/wrap when paddle, brake fade , tyre puncture, steering column "loose" can be settle for a small fee and take a 5 to 7 days .  

We also provide Hydraulic brakes bleeding - BOTH SIDES is $88 For Sram ultimate Guide rsc, hydes, Tektro, Hope tech, avid/Hayes /bengal Shimano Saint XT, Xtr etc - inclusive of New hi quality dot 4 or dot 5.1 hydraulic fluid (WE ONLY USE PREMIUM REDLINE HYDRAULIC FLUID/DCBIKES pure mineral oil/recommended fluid ) + cleaning / checking of brake pads, seals and fine tuning adjustments etc) 

Please kindly enquiry with us for more details of this exclusive service for your bicycles with our transport service pickup from your house and back to your house safely 

All you need to do is relax at home and leave everything to us.  Thanks for your interest and please like, share with your friends ,Cheers buddy,  Dcbikes 


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For Dcbikes ®️ SPA ♨ grooming /Restoration /Fine tuning service, upon collection, all customers are required to test and check their bikes before and after service to ensure all components are fully functional that all servicing & repairs are fully done up by Dcbikes ® n thereafter they are responsible for the bike well being.


By engaging DCBIKES ® SERVICES, YOU , as customers of Dcbikes ®️ with or without your knowledge, agreed and accepted the terms n conditions when your bike is handover to us . whilst every care will be given out by us in handling ur bike ,we are not responsible for any misshap or parts damage before , during n after handling/ taking over.

 #Dcbikes Disclaimer # however we will not be responsible for any damages in any case of bike servicing, accidents or in any event of disputes be liable for any liability made against us,all disputes are in favor for DCBikes 🇸🇬 but rest assured that we are very very careful and professionals bicycle movers/groomers. Please see our Feedbacks for confidence in engaging our DCBikes Transport service DCBIKES