Disc Brake IS / PM Adapter For Hydraulic Disc Rotor 140mm / 160mm / 180mm / 203mm MTB

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Fits post mount brake to IS mount fork.


Designed for Avid, for Shimano, for Hayes, etc, MTB Disc Brake system


Bolts are NOT INCLUDED with adapter.


Excellent Adapter made by Super Strength and Light Alloy.



F203 R180( Front IS/POST 203mm or rear IS/POST 180mm)

F180 R160( Front IS/POST 180mm or rear IS/POST 160mm)

F160 R140( Front IS/POST 160mm or rear IS/POST 140mm)

F180 R180( Front IS/POST 180mm or rear IS/POST 180mm)

R 203mm ( Rear IS / POST 203mm ) 


Color: Black


Weight: about 30g



Package includes:

1 x Adapter