Cinelli Road / Fixie Sports Black Cork Bar Tape + End Caps

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Cinelli Cork Grip Bar Tape


Made in Taiwan 


Cinelli is one of the oldest names in cycling, and their handlebar tape's history stretches back to the days of yore! Cinelli's famous tape is still the preferred choice for many pro cyclists. Embellish your classic bike build or give your modern bike that old-school cool with Cinelli Cork bar tape. Cork bar tape has a classic great feel and just the right amount of cushioning and grip. It offers a no-slip grip, with natural sweat absorption and insulative properties, to keep your hands on your bars in ultimate comfort, in any condition! Formulated from a blend of natural cork and synthetic foam, the self-adhesive tape applies easily to your bars and stays there. You can decide how much curshioning you want by stretching or relaxing the tape during wrapping. Each unit contains enough tape for one set of handlebars, as well as finishing tape and plastic end plugs embellished with the Cinelli "Winged C" logo. Available only in Black to match yours style.


Features :

The original self-adhesive cork ribbon bar tape

Natural/Synthetic Formulation

Includes ending tape and black plastic end plugs


Package includes :

1 Pair Of New Cinelli Road / Fixie Sports Black Cork Bar Tape + End Caps