Cassette / Bottom Bracket 2mm BB Spacer

Type: Spacer
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Our bottom bracket spacers are made of aluminium alloy, which is very lightweight. Exquisite workmanship and easy to install and remove. It is perfect to get a good fit on your bike for adjusting your bike bottom bracket BB , cassette flywheel on hubs



1. Constructed of aluminium alloy 

2. Lightweight and easy to install and remove.

3. Colors : Silver/Black/Red/Gold/Blue 

4. Perfect for adjusting your bike bottom bracket, flywheel or hub.



Material: Aluminium Alloy

Color: Silver, Red, Black, Gold 

Package Weight: approx. 2 g / piece

Thickness: approx. 1.9mm / 0..1"

External Diameter: approx. 40mm / 1.5"

Inner Diameter: approx. 34.7mm / 1.3"


Buy Bottom Bracket BB and Cassette spacers from Dcbikes® 


Package Includes :

1 X New spacer