Blackspire 30T/32T Snaggletooth 96bcd Oval Chainring XT M8000 SLX M7000

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Blackspire 96 Bcd Snaggletooth NW Oval Chainring XT M8000 M7000 


Made in Canada 


Boasting a much-lauded tooth profile that gives quality performance when paired with 1x drivetrains, the Snaggletooth NW Oval Chainring XT M8000 from Blackspire works superbly to give a more constant torque to the rear wheel, to maximise traction and grip during climbs and eliminating the chance of stalls and spinouts.  


High Efficiency Oval-shaped Chainring

Constructed from CNC’d 7075 T-6 aluminum for a low weight and durability, this strong and irregular-shaped chainring is specifically built to be used with Shimano's XT M8000 cranks. When working in tandem with modern clutch derailleurs, the possibility of chain drops is eradicated, making for a strong and confidence-inspiring experience.  




Size : 30T, 32T


Chainring Type: Narrow/Wide oval chainring


Material: CNC’d 7075 T-6 aluminium


Ovality Dimensions: 12-13% with a Timing of 115º after TDC (Top Dead Center)


Compatibility: Shimano XT M8000 SLX M7000 Cranks


Suitability: 9, 10, 11, or 12 speed drivetrains

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Package Includes :

1 X New Blackspire 30T or 32T Snaggletooth Oval Chainring XT M8000 SLX M7000