AbsoluteBLACK 32T/34T Oval Traction Cinch Chainring For Race Face Crank 3mm/6mm Offset
AbsoluteBLACK 32T/34T Oval Traction Cinch Chainring For Race Face Crank 3mm/6mm Offset

AbsoluteBLACK 32T/34T Oval Traction Cinch Chainring For Race Face Crank 3mm/6mm Offset

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Upgrade for your RaceFace crank: the oval cinch chainrings from absoluteBLACK


Made in UK 


AbsoluteBLACK's oval Race Face Direct Mount 1-speed chainrings are specially designed for the Race Face Cinch system, which allows chainrings to be attached directly to the crank. 



Application: Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Trail 

Attachment: Cinch Direct Mount 

Teeth: 26 Z, 28 Z, 30 Z, 32 Z, 34 Z, 36 Z Switching Levels 

: 1 X 9-speed, 1 X 10-speed, 1 X 11-speed, 1 X 12 -full 

Execution: oval 10,2 - 14,4%


Technical specifications:

Offset: 6 mm 

Chain line: 49 mm 

Material: Aluminum (7075)



Race Face Next SL 

Race Face Sixc 

Race Face Turbine 

Race Face Atlas 

Race Face Ace Cinch


Dcbikes Product Features :

- For Race Face Cinch System cranks 

- Developed using 3D CAD software, CNC machined, anodized 

- Durable construction, dirt repellent, low noise 

- Excellent weight-to-stiffness ratio 

- Improved traction and uphill performance 

- Special narrow-wide design (patent pending) registered) 

- Superior quality and appearance 

- Faster, more relaxed driving with reduced knee load 

- Ovality and timing (110.5-116.3 °) matched to chainring size (TDC technology, Top Dead Center) 

- Optimum Chain Ring Adjustment (OCA): Position can be rotated in both directions by 22 °

- Use 10-speed, 11-speed or 12-speed chains, 6-speed to 9-speed with singlespeed (1x9-speed: use 10-speed chain) 

- Chain guide not required


Dcbikes Technology:


Oval chainrings follow the natural human physiology. They maximize the pedaling force as it is developed and minimize drag when it is missing. As a result, oval chainrings allow the rider to soften and stay looser in the climb. 

In fact, your pedal kick will feel "rounder" with an oval chainring than a round chainring. 


Advantages of Oval Chainrings

Compared to round chainrings, the use of oval chainrings targets more muscle groups - but each of them to a lesser degree. The total load of the pedaling is thus distributed to a larger muscle mass and the knees are less strained.

This results in three advantages: 1. The legs stay fresher and more relaxed. 2. You can drive uphill faster. 3. Distributing the load to more muscle reduces susceptibility to cramping, even with great effort. Ultimately, so will increase your driving pleasure. For MTB applications, the traction on the rear wheel increases on loose and slippery surfaces, making it easier to drive on demanding terrain.

black / 32 teeth: 62 g 

black / 34 teeth: 69 g


Package Includes :

1 X New AbsoluteBLACK Oval Traction Cinch Chainring For Race Face Crank


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