Absoluteblack 104bcd 32T/34T Narrow Wide Oval Single Chain Ring

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AbsoluteBLACK Narrow Wide Oval Single 104 BCD Chainring


Made in Poland 


Oval chainrings are hugely effective because a rider does not produce power evenly through the pedal stroke; this Narrow Wide Oval Single Chainring works to maximise your power output where the most force is applied and minimise resistance where it isn't. Interestingly, your pedal stroke feels more natural and "round" with this Narrow Wide Oval Single Chainring than with a traditional round chainring.



Material: 7075 Txxx Aluminium

Oval rings help the rider spin smoother, gain a lot more traction in terrain and are easier on legs while climbing

32T is equivalent to 30T at dead spot and 34T at the power zone

34T is equivalent to 32T at dead spot and 36T at the power zone

State of the art Narrow-Wide tooth profile keeps the chain snug, allowing you to leave the chain guide behind

Burly enough for DH Racers and Dirt Jumpers

Arm x BCD: 4x104mm 

Compatibility: 1x 9-/10-/11-/12-Speed (Eagle compatible) or Singlespeed setups

Weight: 46g (32T)/49g (34T)

Please Note:

ONLY 32T 104mm BCD have offset chainline. These have built in 2mm spacers and threads (please use min. 6mm long bolts).

No additional bolts required.

Choosing correct size:

32T oval is best for someone currently riding 30 or 32T round chainring.

34T oval is best for someone currently riding 34 or 36T round chainring


Chain Options:

10-, 11- or 12-Speed chain for geared bike or 6- to 8-Speed one for SS (1/8" also fits). If used in 1x9 drivetrain - 10-Speed chain must be used to obtain the performance (yes - 10-Speed chain will work great on 9-Speed cassette).


How to mount absoluteBLACK Oval chainring:

There is a small mark (triangle shaped) on the inner circumference of the chainring. This mark MUST sit behind the crank arm.


Package includes :

1 X Absoluteblack 104bcd Narrow Wide Oval Single Chain Ring