10 Speed 11T - 42T Wide Ratio MTB Cassette

Type: Cassette
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Want to change a new cassette or maybe want to change a new group set?


Most people will just choose a Sram or Shimano cassette. They are good but the price is not that affordable, so why not save your money and spend it somewhere else. If you have a tight budget but want a product that will last, our 10s cassette is your best bet!


Our cassette provides very smooth shifting and great application of power. They are designed to be just like Shimano cassette and offers similar range of 11t 13t 15t 18t 21t 24t 28t 32t 36t 42t. 


But the main compromise is usually weight. Our product weights 532g. We are only 66grams heavier than Shimano M7000 cassette’s 467 grams and only cost one third of the m7000’s price. The weight of Sram’s cassette PG-1130 from NX drivetrain is 538 grams and also three times more expensive than our product. We are just the most cost effective option if you are not bothered about weight. No compromise on quality








Package Includes :

1 X New Cassette 10 speed 42T