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Please read the disclaimer carefully #Dcbikes®️ 

⚠ DCBIKES®️ Customer's Disclaimer #

YOU as a customer of Dcbikes® , By purchasing or engaging Dcbikes ® Bicycle Accessories, Components / Dcbikes®️ Transportation Service / Bike Ambulance®/ Pet Ambulance®️ /Dcbikes®️ Restoration /Fine Tuning / Servicing / Dcbikes Hydraulic Rebleed Services ( DHRS®️ ) etc , YOU, automatically agree , with or without your consent, acknowledge to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS governing the rules for purchasing and engaging Dcbikes®️ products and services at all times.

Please note that all Dcbikes®️ items/products, services rendered, bicycle, accessories etc sold are NOT EXCHANGEABLE AND NOT REFUNDABLE at all times. Strictly no exceptions. 

In some rare exceptions for approved refunds, there will be a restock, credit card and website charge fee of 10%. For example, if you purchase $100 product and there is an approve refund. Product $100 - $10 = Balance refund only $90 to you

Items / Products sold on our website for self collection , PLEASE KINDLY CHECK THE ITEMS ON THE SPOT BEFORE U LEAVE. No dispute will be entertained after you leave. 

No manufacturers retail packaging and no warranty on all parts, components and accessories. Item sold are deem as export set.

There is no warranty for normal wear & tear. We will accept an exchange within 1 day from the order date. All exchange items must be new, unused and in complete original packaging box.

For approved exchange, Only a one-time exchange is allowed. Customer is required to top up the price difference if the replacement item is of a higher value than the original item. There is no refund if the replacement item is of a lower value than the original item.

In any case on defects on products, pls kindly call, email with proof on pictures/videos of the defects and explain the problems to us.

You must proof that item is defective before you can return for a 1 to 1 exchange within 1 day. Product/Item package must be in original condition and packaging .It must not be used or installed in any way. Return registered postage cost is beared by the buyer. Item/Products must be sent back to us only by hand or registered mail with tracking numbers. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For Dcbikes®️ Grooming /Restoration /Fine Tuning Service, upon collection, all customers are required to test and check their bikes before and after service to ensure all components are fully functional that all servicing & repairs are fully done up by Dcbikes® and thereafter customers are responsible for the bike well being.

We strive to resolve any concerns amicably with our Dcbikes® customers.We take pride and lots of efforts to make things work for both parties.

In any case of accidents/incidents or in any events of disputes, Dcbikes® are not liable for any liability made against the company. All disputes are in favor for Dcbikes®️

Thank you for your kind attention and supporting local bike shops in Singapore. Dcbikes®️ Disclaimer # Governing Terms and Conditions dated as of 1st day of Dcbikes® Sales and Operations.

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

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