Bicycle Wireless Speedometer Odometer + Led Backlight

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Wireless Speedometer 

Memory function

Speed Tendency

-SPD Current speed

-DST Distance of Single trip

-MXS Max speed

-AVS Average speed

-DTM Riding time of distance

-CLK (12H/24H)/ Clock



-Low power indicator 2.5V

-Memory function

-Adaptable for KM/hr or M/hr

-Wheel Circumference setting

-Auto off 




Package Include :

1 X New Bicycle Computer

1 X New Seat

1 X New Sensor

1 X New Wheel Magnet

1 X New Set of Cable Ties

2 X New Adhesive Tape

CR2032 battery (Not included)

1 X New Instructions ( INCLUDED ), please read the instruction book carefully