Wireless Bluetooth Speedometer /Odometer with Led Back Light

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Vendor: Enkeeo


Cadence Function: track and capture real-time cadence for your daily riding and cycling workout, also can be used on an exercise bike for its isolated cadence data reading


Advanced Gizmo: no need to pair, easy to install and use, water resistance computer, accurate cadence and speed sensor, highly magnetized cadence and speed magnet, fits all types of bicycles


Big Backlit Screen: 2 smart buttons for convenient operation, 1 big backlight screen for easily and clearly reading all riding data especially when in a dimly lit


Multiple Functions: 4 Language options,2 users data recording, 2 speed units (M/KM per hour), 12H/24H clock, freeze frame memory, low battery indication, stopwatch, time recording, temperature detection


Auto Speed Track: high accuracy to track cycling speed with a top display of current speed, a bottom display of the max, average speed, DST and DTM, scan feature for auto display the riding data



Small Gizmo with Powerful Functions


Giving you an enjoyable riding experience, a sport-specific device is necessarily needed. Features a large backlit screen and compacts with all essential functions, Enkeeo’s wireless bicycle computer with cadence sensor strives hard on helping you get the most out of your riding time and meet your fitness goal. More specifically, this computer is super easy to install and works without pairing that saves you from the hassle of a complicated setup. It also offers a 2 user selectable function so you can share it with your friends and family.


Setting up without Hassle


1 - Install Batteries for the Computer and the Sensor


2 - Install the Bracket Seat and Set the computer


3 - Mount the Sensor onto the Rear Chain


4 - Mount the Cadence Magnet onto the Crank Arm


5 - Mount the Speed Magnet onto the Steel Wire of the Same Side Wheel


6 - Check installation


Main Measuring Functions


Including: Current/AVS/MAX Speed, Current/AVS/MAX Cadence, Speed Comparator, ODO (Odometer), TRIP-DST(Trip Distance), RIDETIME (Trip Riding Time)


Extra Functions


Including: Temperature Detection, Calorie Counter, Fat Burn Measurement, Stopwatch, Down DIST/TIMER, Wheel Circumference Setting


Computer Features


Including: Auto ON/OFF, Low Battery Indicator, Power Saving Mode, 2 Users Selectable, 4 Languages Display, 12/24 Hours Clock, 2 Speed Units, Automatic Scan, Freeze Frame Memory, Backlit Screen, Stopwatch




Unit Weight: 34g


Package Weight: 100g


Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.8 x 0.5in (67 x 46 x 12mm)




1 x Enkeeo Computer Unit


2 x Batteries


1 x Bracket Seat


1 x Sensor


1 x Speed Magnet


1 x Cadence Magnet


4 x Rubber Slices


14 x Nylon Zip Ties