Sram 32T NX Eagle DUB 12 Speed Crankset

Type: Crank
Vendor: Sram
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SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12-speed Crank 32T


Made in Taiwan 


The new Sram NX Eagle crank with 32T sprocket is the entry into the 1x12-speed world with the new "DUB" standard (28.99mm axle diameter). The crankset delivers consistent performance every time out.

1x12-speed Crankset: the Sram NX Eagle DUB

Featuring SRAM’s X-SYNC™2 tooth profile chainring, the NX crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooth’s thickness is precisely toleranced and controlled to work seamlessly with the chain’s inner and outer links. 


SRAM DUB™ technology features a better-engineered bottom bracket and a new spindle design. Together, these allow for a more uniform approach to bottom bracket fitment, better sealing against contamination and forward and backward compatibility. Now everyone can benefit from a new measure of durability.

Features - Sram NX Eagle DUB Crank

6000 series forged aluminum arms

DUB™ technology features a uniform approach to bottom bracket fitment, better sealing against contamination and is forward and backward compatible



Forward thinking and backwards compatible DUB™ BB/Crank technology is the workhorse without restraint. Designed for the most discerning pros. And riders who set it and neglect it. DUB™ is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards. Offering better sealing than ever before, without having to make compromises to fit all frames. Yet it opens the door for a new crank spindle for the world’s all-time lightest crank set. It’s a new approach that embraces the old. And it’s about time.


After extensive research, Sram unifies the diameter of bike crankshafts and inner bearings to 28.99mm from 2018. The new bearing technology DUB (Durable Unifying Bottom Bracket) sets new standards from now on.

Product features

Use: MTB

Group: NX Eagle (1 x 12-speed)

Gradation: 32 teeth

Mounting: Direct Mount

Axle diameter: 28.99mm

Bottom bracket:


DUB PF89.5




Compatible chain: Eagle

Q-Faktor: 168mm

Chain line: 49mm

Crank arm length 170mm


Crank arms: Aluminium 6000

Chainring: Steel

Color Black


Package Includes :

1 X New Sram 32T NX Eagle DUB 12 Speed Crankset