Sram 12 Speed
XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset
Sram 12 Speed
XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset
Sram 12 Speed
XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset
Sram 12 Speed
XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset
Sram 12 Speed
XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset

Sram 12 Speed XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Chain Ring Boost + Carbon Crankset

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SRAM XX1 Eagle Boost BB30 1x12-speed Crank


Made in Taiwan 


Only for the elite race MTB riders

Enjoy the advantage of the Sram XX1 Eagle crank with 30mm BB30 axle and 34 teeth 

True competitors are always looking for a performance advantage relentless pursuit of equipment that is lighter, stiffer and stronger. To create the best drivetrain possible, we started with a completely reengineered crankset design. Our all-new XX1 Eagle™ crankset is the lightest, stiffest and strongest on the market. A special hollow internal architecture, combined with our proprietary CARBON TUNED™ lay-up, allows us to build a lightweight and ultra-energy-efficient crankset perfectly suited for the high-wattage output and smooth style of cross country riding and racing. Teamed up with a new Eagle™ direct mount chainring, and as an integral part of the Eagle™ drivetrain, the new XX1 Eagle™ crankset puts more focused power into every ride.


We built the incredible new XX1 Eagle™ drivetrain to work quietly, intuitively, precisely and perfectly. Whether you’re an hour and twelve minutes into a World Cup XC or, just about to hit the top of Pearl Pass—XX1 Eagle™ is ready for that and every place in between. This cross-country-optimized drivetrain combines our newest generation of SRAM 1x™ drivetrain technological advancements with lightweight materials. With a greater gear range of 500-percent, XX1 Eagle™ gives you smoother, more precise shifts with greater durability for long lasting performance so you can spend more time in the gear you want. XX1 Eagle™ just rewrote the rules of freedom.


BB30 Spindle :

The BB30 crank axle and bottom bracket system is known to be light, stiff, with lower friction and more balanced power transfer. Frames with PF30 shells are strong and light as well. Combined with the Eagle system and Direct Mount chainring, the SRAM XX1 Eagle Boost BB30 Crankset is an ideal set-up. Thousands of hours of wear evaluation from 11-speed 1x chainrings helped SRAM to evolve and re-engineer the X-Sync tooth profiling, and this second generation has some serious new shaping and teeth that hold the newly designed Eagle chain perfectly, at any and all angles, in any ring and cog combination. All Eagle chainrings install with SRAM's Direct Mount system, which makes installing or changing rings simple and fast, and delivers an incredibly stout interface that is carried through the machining of the entire ring. This particular XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Crankset comes with the Boost 52mm chainline version of the ring. Please keep in mind that with SRAM, Boost spacing in the rear triangle is 148mm wide, a proper chainline is created with a 3mm offset that SRAM builds into the ring itself. If you need to replace for this 52mm chainline, you buy the Boost version, and if you get a frame that has standard spacing all you have to do is get the standard 49mm chainline ring.


The 30mm crank axle fits all BB30 mountain bottom bracket cups, of which SRAM offers several options. In order to build the carbon crank arm assembly to receive the axle within the direct mount zone of the driveside arm, and still meet the lightweight, stiff and efficient requirements, SRAM employed a new internal hollow core carbon architecture and overall carbon design referred to as Carbon Tuned. A new carbon lay-up was devised to find the right balance, and the internal structure augments the stiffness of the arm shape, as well as adding durability. SRAM is also providing injection molded guards that slip over the end of the crank arm for impact protection. Once you install your pedal, the guard is secure in place and actually can handle serious abuse. This is no rubber boot.


Every aspect of the SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Boost BB30 Crankset has extraordinary finish and quality construction you'd expect in SRAM's top line cranksets. Performance is flawless, and regular SRAM 1x riders will be surprised at how quietly the new ring and chain function, with zero-drop reliability. Running a BB30 frameset with Boost 148mm rear spacing? Ready for a 32t ring and 10-50 cassette drivetrain? We have the ultimate crankset for you. XX1 Eagle soars above expectations. Will you take flight with it?


Boost :

Boost dimensions, which refer to the chainline for boost frames. There are Plus bikes with BB30 bottom brackets, and this SRAM XX1 Eagle Boost BB30 Crankset fits without adapters into BB30 bottom brackets and the chainring boasts the 52.0mm Boost chainline you need when building a Boost bike.


Boost frames take a different chainring. It needs to be moved outwards to accommodate the different spacing of the rear hub, and that movement changes the chainline. The chainline, or the distance from the chainring to the center of the bike, is 52mm, or 3mm further away from the center of the frame, for this SRAM XX1 Eagle Boost Crankset.


The chainring is the only change from a standard Eagle XX1 BB30 crank. The axle width stays the same, the crankarms stay the same, the Q-factor stays the same.


That axle width and diameter is set for BB30 brackets. The width is set for BB’s 68 or 73mm wide, and the axle diameter is 30mm. That means it is compatible with BB30 and PF30 bottom brackets. 

What really sets this crank apart are the arms and the eagle twelve-speed chainring. The arms utilize a new technology called Carbon-Tuned. It’s a precise wrapping of different plies to maximize stiffness and minimize weight. Here, it’s around a foam core, for greater bash-worthiness. No reason to carry the bulk around if you don’t need it. The stiffness-to-weight ratio is unrivaled for the ultimate Sram Eagle XX1.


Helping save weight, add drivetrain efficiency, and improve that all-important simplicity, are the direct-mount chainrings. Held by T25 Torx bolts and several splines, the X-Sync 2 rings bolt into the right crankarm. They’re forged and CNC-machined aluminum with a new tooth profile. SRAM found that most chainrings basically hold the chain at the first few teeth where the chain meshes with the ring. That leads to wear and inefficiency. So the new design holds the chain all the way around. The teeth are designed to not only keep the chain on with an alternating tooth profile, but the positive-rake teeth also held mud and grit come out of the chain as it moves around the ring. Sizes are all rounder 34T teeth chain ring. Did we mention quiet? They’re super-quiet.


The X-Sync 2 rings are designed to work with Eagle twelve-speed chains, but can be used with SRAM 1x 11-speed systems. If you’re coming from a 1x eleven-speed, go with a two-tooth larger chainring to have both a higher high and lower low than you did before.


Features :

The SRAM X01 Eagle Boost BB30 Crankset offers you the most simple way to set up 1x on your Boost BB30 bike.

XX1 Eagle BB30 1x12-speed Crank 34T

Compatible crank arms with boost or non boost

Remove and swap the 3mm offset chain ring to 6mm offset for non boost if u change your bike

The lightest, stiffest, strongest 30mm crankset available! All-new crank-arm design optimized for cross-country, enduro and trail applications

All-new SRAM CARBON TUNED™ crank technology provides extreme stiffness and light weight

All-new chainring technology is designed specifically for Eagle™ chains and drivetrains

The X-SYNC™ 2 chainring provides significantly quieter performance, with better mud clearing and extraordinary durability

Use: MTB

Group: XX1 Eagle (1 x 12-speed)

Model: BB30 = 30mm spindle = PF30 30mm Bottom Bracket BB 

Gradation: 34 Teeth Boost 3mm offset

Mounting: Direct Mount

Axle diameter: 30mm

Suitable Press Fit Bottom bracket: BB30/PF30 68/73mm

Gear rear: 12-speed

Compatible chain: PC XX1 Eagle

Q-Faktor: 168mm

Chain line: 52mm

Crank spindle length 101mm X 30mm spindle 

Crank arm length 175mm

Material Crank arms: Carbon Composite, Hollow Core

Chainring: Aluminum forged, CNC machined

Color Black

Note: Bottom Bracket BB is not included 

Weight 465g



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Package Includes :

1 X New SRAM 12 Speed XX1 Ultimate Black Eagle 34T Boost + Carbon Crankset