Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset
Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset
Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset
Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset
Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset
Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset

Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset

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SRAM X01 Eagle DUB MTB groupset 1x12 | 52 teeth | red


Made in Taiwan 


With the X01 Eagle complete group you can equip your bike with the new Eagle cassettes with 52 teeth. The increased bandwidth compared to the Eagle cassettes with 10-50 teeth not only offers more reserves for extremely steep climbs. Powerful riders can ride a larger chainring thanks to the bandwidth increased to 520% without affecting the bike's climbing ability. As a result, the drive enables a higher top speed and the driver also uses the larger pinions of the cassette more frequently, which have a better efficiency.



By using the carbon tuned manufacturing process, the wall thickness of the X01 Eagle DUB crank could be chosen at all points so that it has a very high stiffness and is still an absolute lightweight. In contrast to the XX1 Eagle, the X01 crank is designed to be even more robust in order to be able to withstand the stresses of tough enduro use. The crank is complemented by an X-Sync 2 Direct Mount chainring. This impresses with a significantly smoother running of the chain and better self-cleaning in muddy conditions. With the tried and tested alternating thick-thin tooth profile, it holds the chain securely in place. The crank is delivered with a 32 tooth chainring. The bare aluminum teeth still look like new even after thousands of kilometers, as unsightly, worn areas in the anodising are not possible. You can find retrofit chainrings with 30 to 38 teeth in our shop.


Rear derailleur

The new X01 Eagle rear derailleur has not only been adapted to the 12-speed ratio of the X01 Eagle group, it also comes up with some new features. The number of teeth on the lower pulley wheel has been increased to 14 teeth, which ensures that the chain runs even more smoothly and with less resistance. The smoother chain run is supported by the optimized Type 3.0 cage damping, which effectively prevents the chain from hitting in rough terrain. A newly designed suspension on the frame makes the rear derailleur even more robust and durable. The extremely high tension of the rear derailleur cage and the X-Sync pulleys, which are matched to the chain, which effectively prevent the chain from jumping off even without a chain guide, remain identical to the XX1 rear derailleur.



The proven, lightweight X01 trigger shifter has been brought up to date for the 12-speed X01 Eagle groupset. Its Exact Actuation Technology ensures smooth and smooth gear changes across the entire gear range. The thumb lever is made of aluminum and can be adjusted in a range of + 30 ° to -30 °. For a tidy cockpit and the best ergonomics, the X01 Eagle Shifter can be mounted with the SRAM Matchmaker or Matchmaker X.



With the proven SRAM X-Dome technology, the Eagle 12-speed cassette is one of the most durable and stiffest cassettes on the market. SRAM achieves this by milling the cassette from a block. This manufacturing technique also allows the weight to be kept extremely low even with durable steel pinions. Only the 52 final pinion is made of aluminum.



The SRAM Eagle 12-speed chains have a very large share in the smoothness and smooth running of the X01 Eagle 12-speed group. This is achieved through particularly rounded outer plates and the consistent avoidance of sharp edges. The HollowPin construction enables smooth, precise shifting and weight savings without compromising on strength. The pins are reinforced with a chrome coating. Various coatings offer a high level of protection against corrosion and reduce chain friction. The revised PowerLock chain lock has a longer shelf life and is even easier to use.



Dcbikes Product Technical Specifications:

Material cassette: steel, aluminum

Material trigger and rear derailleur: aluminum

Switching stages: 1x12

Crank length: 170 

Chainring: 32 teeth

chain line : Boost 

Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-52

Translation bandwidth: 520%

Compatibility freewheel: 11-, 12-speed SRAM XD MTB

Compatibility rear derailleur: SRAM Eagle 10-52 teeth and 10-50 teeth cassettes

Color of cassette and chain: black

Color rear derailleur and trigger: lunar gray / red

Weight according to the manufacturer: n / a

Weight weighed: approx. 1510g (without bottom bracket)

⚠ Note : No Bottom Bracket is included 


Package Includes :

1 X New Set of Sram 12 Speed X01 Eagle DUB Boost MTB 52T Groupset


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