Spank 760mm Oozy Trail 15mm Rise Blue Handlebar 31.8mm

Spank 760mm Oozy Trail 15mm Rise Blue Handlebar 31.8mm

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Spank Oozy 760 Enduro/Trail Bar

Super-6 Aluminum is a specially blended, highly magnesium-silicon enriched, work hardened alloy. Super-6 offers the perfect mix of hardness, yield, fatigue life, and a superior ultimate tensile strength to stiff handlebars.


Through recent adoption of Super-6 materials, Spank’s handlebars are now stronger, and show greater resistance to deformation than ever before!


Dual Extreme Gradual Taper technology is a proprietary tube drawing process, afforded by Spank‘s secret state of the art tooling. Dual XGT technology tapers our bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, slowly and gradually through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones...and...back to thicker reinforced barend zones, or “Impact Ends”. Tapers that occur over too short a distance, or with defined start/end points, create isolated stress zones where breaks can occur. Spank has utilized FEA (Finite Element Analysis), laboratory, and rigorous real world testing to optimize the spread of material to where it is needed to withstand the specific forces at work in each zone, while offering better protection against crashes than ever before! The extreme precision enabled by Dual XGT drawing processes also eliminates the need for heavy hand grinding, with can result in imperfections and inconsistency in wall thickness, weakening bars.



CNC Bent

Dual XGT Taper

Polished-Anodized Finish


Material: Super-6 Alloy

Clamp: Ø 31.8mm

Rise: 15mm

Length: 760mm

Geometry: 4° Up/6° Back

Weight: 280g


Package includes :

1 X Spank 760mm Oozy Trail 15mm Rise Blue Handlebar 31.8mm