Muc Off MTB Road Tyre & Cassette Brush
Muc Off MTB Road Tyre & Cassette Brush

Type: Tools
Vendor: Muc-Off
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Muc-Off Tyre & Cassette Brush

The Muc-Off tyre and cassette brush is equipped with stiff and durable nylon bristles that will make short work of road grime or dirt from the trail. It is ideal for working in cleaning products such as Muc-Off's Nano Tech bike cleaner and will bring your components up like new. The handle features moulded silicone inserts that help to give you a comfortable and steady grip.



Durable Nylon bristles

Reach hard to shift grime

Silicone inserts provide a comfortable and steady grip

Specialist shape allows for easy application of cleaning products


Package Includes :

1 X New Brush