Muc Off Helmet Visor & Goggle / Lens Cleaner
Muc Off Helmet Visor & Goggle / Lens Cleaner

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Vendor: Muc-Off
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Muc-Off Goggle Cleaner Refill - 250ml

Quickly and safely removes: dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat & oily residue from all eyewear & goggles. 'Muc-Off Eyewear & Goggle Cleaner' leaves a streak free, sparkling finish to help increase your vision and safety.


Great for hi end lens like Oakley, 100% Ray-Ban sunglasses, etc


Contains no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly. Formulated using pH neutral soaps and de-ionised water.



Uses pH neutral soaps

Uses de-ionised water

Fully biodegradable

Safe to use on all lens materials including polycarbonate, ideal for cleaning helmets as well

Allows for quick, easy and cost effective re-fill of your 35ml spray bottle


Package includes :

1 x New 250ml lens / goggles cleaner