Motorex MTB Road Bike Wash Spray Cleaner 500ml

Motorex MTB Road Bike Wash Spray Cleaner 500ml

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Motorex Bike cleaner for washing the entire bike


Oil Of Switzerland 


Suitable for bicycle, motorcycle etc

Tough enough to cut drivetrains grim

Safe for most frame finishes

Biodegradable Bike Cleaner: the Bike Clean Bike Cleaner from Motorex

Particularly effective, solvent-free and gel-like cleaner especially for heavily soiled bicycles. Motorex Bike Clean loosens and removes mud, earth, dust in no time. It leaves no fat residue and does not affect the braking effect in any way. Also suitable for carbon.


Most degreasers are not suitable for cleaning anything but your drivetrain as they contain chemical compounds that can damage the finish of your frame and components. That's what makes Motorex Bike Clean such an innovative product: it's a highly effective, solvent-free gel cleaner that offers a safe and easy way to clean and degrease your entire bicycle.

Simply wet your bike with water and spray on some Motorex Bike Clean soap. After waiting 5 minutes for Bike Clean to penetrate, a wet sponge is all you need to scrub away dust, dirt, and grime. And here's a pro tip: start with your drivetrain and use a separate sponge for it, as you don't want to use a greasy sponge to clean your frame and other components.

Motorex Bike Clean comes in 1L bottles -- enough for about 10-15 bike washes. Biodegradable and water-soluble, Bike Clean is safe for carbon frames and components and leaves no greasy residue to negatively impact brake performance. And since it's water-soluble, you can dilute Motorex Bike Clean with water in a spray bottle for those times when you can't find a hose.


Remove coarse clods, spray the cleaner on the entire bike, leave for approx. 5 minutes and then rinse with water.


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1 X New Motorex MTB Road Bike Wash Spray Cleaner 500ml