Hopetech MTB Shifter Bike Wash Cleaner

Hopetech MTB Shifter Bike Wash Cleaner

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Hope Shifter Bike Cleaner


Made in UK  


1 litre

Many cleaning products contain silicon, polish or other additives which have a detrimental effect on disc brakes. Problems caused range from squealing to total loss of power. Hope realised that the only way to stop these problems would be to produce their own range of cleaners.

Shifter is specially formulated by Hope to clean even the hardest grime and yet still be gentle enough not to damage your paintwork, carbon, anodised aluminium or brakes.



Contains no Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) which attacks aluminium and anodised surfaces. Sh1t Shifter contains a substitute component that acts as a very effective releasing agent cutting through dirt without attacking material surfaces.

Contains no Silicon or similar polishing agents which both affect braking performance (both bike and disc brake friendly).

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The solution is Alkaline, containing no solvents, acids or CFCs.

A blend of several surfactants (an-ionic and cat-ionic) this makes it effective on both dirt and oil, and when blended together creates a third reaction called synergy giving further cleaning power.

Thick solution so it stays where you spray it allowing these reactions to occur on the dirt/oil.

Sequestriens are added to aid rinsing and prevent staining/streaking when dry.

Cleans with minimum of sweat, just a good hose pipe.


Package Includes :

1 X New Bottle