GT85 MTB Road Bike Cleaner Wash 500ml
GT85 MTB Road Bike Cleaner Wash 500ml

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GT85 Bike Wash


Made in USA 


Give your bike the care and attention it deserves with the GT85 Bike Wash; removing the toughest dirt, oil, and grime - even from those hard to reach place - this Bike Wash spray will have your bike gleaming in no time. Easy-to-use, the fast-acting formula from this GT85 Bike Wash will get straight to work. Ideal for use on all surfaces including paintwork, carbon fibre, anodised parts, drivetrains and contact areas.



Safe to use on carbon, anodised parts, drivetrain components, paintwork, and all contact areas

Easy to use with excellent results

Quickly removes dirt and grime

Safe on a wide range of surfaces and materials including carbon fibre

Water-based and solvent free

For all parts and components


Package Includes :

1 X New GT85 MTB Road Bike Cleaner Wash 500ml