Fenwicks MTB Road Chain Cleaning Sponge

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Fenwicks Chain Cleaning Sponge


Made in Britain 


The Fenwicks Chain Cleaning Sponge is a beautifully simple yet efficient idea to solve a long-standing bike maintenance problem. It has been specifically developed as a highly durable and cost effective alternative to cumbersome chain cleaning tools. Saving you money as it doesn't easily break

Fenwicks Chain Cleaning Sponge is a revolution in cleaning your chain, designed to be used with Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner, it makes cleaning your chain quick, easy and mess free.


Dcbikes Product Features:

Durable sponge with V-shaped cut-out for the chain

Easy to clean and re-use

Can also be used on cables, tyres and cogs

How to Use

Step 1: Apply Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner and allow to soak in

Step 2: Insert chain into 'V' slot of sponge on the lower section of the chain

Step 3: Holding sponge firmly in position, run the chain backwards through sponge for 30 seconds

Step 4: Rinse chain thoroughly with clean water

Step 5: Re-lube with any highly rated Fenwicks chain lube


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Package Includes :

1 X New Fenwicks MTB Road Chain Cleaning Sponge