Continental 700c X 23c/25c Ultra Sport II Folding Road Folding Tyre ( 2 Tires )

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The Continental Ultra Sport II

700 X 23

700 X 25

Duetche Tecknik

With more than 100 years’ experience in the development and production of bicycle tires, Continental holds a unique position within the industry. Continental is the only German bicycle tyre manufacturer to produce its tyres in Germany. This drives the engineers toward more innovation, development and revolutionary technologies such as BlackChili ,Vectran, RaceSport and Protection. The Continental heart and soul is behind the phrase 'Handmade in Germany' and this passion can be reached by every rider when they experience the ultimate performance and definitive reliability of Continental Tyres.


The Ultra Sport offers all the performance and value needed for aspiring cyclists. Reliable puncture protection thanks to a robust 3/180 TPI design and ample grip and mileage thanks to the silica-based tread compound. A broad size range provides plenty of choice for the intended application: for racers, there is the 23mm UltraSport at the starting line, touring and long-distance cyclists find more comfort in the 25mm,offers maximum grip, comfort and puncture protection.

The Continental UltraSport II Road Tire makes a stunning impact on every training and competitive ride. Long-lasting, silica-based tread compound provides outstanding grip and holds its own over rough terrain. Robust 3/180 TPI casing offers excellent handling over variable surfaces and gives a great ride feel. Thanks to the UltraSport II, now you can train just like the pros.

Puncture Protection keeps you rolling

Complete with Continental's renowned silica based tread offering viscid like adhesion while maintaining excellent puncture resistance.


Pure Grip compound offers high grip, extreme durability and long-lasting performance

Delivers excellent handling, deeper tread design for a longer service life

Folding bead

Simply put, its a no-nonsense a high-quality training tire


High performance trainer / race tyre

Confidence inspiring ride marked by excellent handling, especially on rough road surfaces

700 x 23 and 700 x 25mm sizes

Amazing Durability due to the deeper center tread

Supple 180 TPI casing and great mileage form the silica-based tread compound


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Package Includes :

2 X New Continental 700c X 23c/25c Ultra Sport II Folding Road Folding Tyres ( 2 Tires )