Competition MTB Black Knee Guards Shin Pads

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Competition Sport Knee Armor





When you're just getting started in this sport, there's a lot of upfront costs: bike, helmet, tools - among other things - and it starts to add up quick. However, this doesn't mean you should overlook riding protection. Protection is vital to good times on the trail and gives you the confidence to develop as a mountain biker. That's why we designed the Competition Sport Knee Guards. It offers excellent trail coverage at a price that won't dent the wallet. Equipped with high impact guards, soft bio-foam, and elastic straps, you'll be able to attack the trail with comfort and confidence.






One size fits all


High impact plastic coverage


Soft bio-foam chassis


Elastic straps


Floating inner knee hinge for excellent mobility and fit


High impact exoskeleton shell with asymmetrical design for comfort


3 strap design to hold pad in place while pedaling 




Suitable for MTB / All Mountain Bike / Road Bike / Enduro / Downhill / Freeride / Bicycle / Bmx / Fat Bike / Escooter




Package includes :


1 pair of Competition MTB Black Knee Guards