Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Cigarette Socket USB Charging Battery Voltage MP3 Kit

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Suitable for Cars, van Lorry etc


A product that u purchased, u won't regret it! 


Features :


Wireless transmitter phone calls from yr hp to car FM system 


Dual USB Charging 3.4a


Supports music 🎶 from yr phone


Voice prompts and incoming call announcements 


Built in microphone 


Support music from usb


Displays voltage of car battery 


Bluetooth Car Kit


Item Size 78.4*34*20mm


Dual USB charging


Item Weight 100 g


Material Type ABS


Instructions :


1. Press and hold the ▶ PLAY button when u plug in.... 



2. See the SCREEN on it... Which FM.. Then TUNE IN to the FM on the RADIO in yr CAR 



3. BLUETOOTH Pair with C26 



4. Play MUSIC or GPS or make PHONE CALLS 



5. Enjoy! :) 👍


Package includes :

1 X Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Cigarette Socket Wireless A2DP 2 USB Charging Battery Voltage Detection MP3 Player Handsfree Kit