Camouflage MTB Escooter Sponge Single Lock Grips

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The handlebar cover made of one-time foamed high density elastic foam is ultra-soft. 


- Its inner part made of engineering plastic separates the foam and handlebar and prevents them from adhesion caused by foam aging. 


- The foam handlebar cover features light weight, shock absorption, anti-slip performance and large friction. 


- Soft feel can effectively relief your hands fatigue during the riding. 


- Its excellent sweat absorption can protect your hands from slipping off, which effectively guarantees the riding safety in summer. 


- It is more suitable for summer /winter while the other ordinary rubber handlebar covers are hard and cold in winter! 


- The foam plus the fastening function ensures great shock absorption effect and comfortable grip! 




Product Parameters:

Material: aluminum alloy fastening ring, TPR environmental friendly rubber + high density elastic foam


Colors : Blue/Green/Pink 


Size: about 130mm / 5.12in length


Packing Includes : 

1 pair of New Bicycle Handlebar Grip