Bicycle Power Chain Cleaner Tool
Bicycle Power Chain Cleaner Tool

Vendor: LifeLine
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Powerful Chain Cleaner Tool


Made in Taiwan 


LifeLine’s Chain Cleaner Tool takes the hassle and mess out of cleaning and degreasing your chain and without you having to remove it. Simply pour in your favourite degreaser, close the two-part unit together over your chain, back pedal, and the rolling brushes will get your chain thoroughly clean. Also, as the area being cleaned is inside the tool, all the dirt and grime stays in one place – away from you and your clothing.



Quick and easy to use - clean your chain without removing it

Fits all sizes of chain and all bicycle types

Brush rollers reach grit and oil between the chain links

Detachable handle for compact storage

Don’t get your hands covered in grease and grime

Much more economical in terms of the amount of degreaser needed to clean your chain/cassette


Package Includes :

1 X New Bicycle Power Chain Cleaner Tool