B-X MTB 70mm Stem 31.8mm

Type: Stem
Vendor: Brand X
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B-X MTB Stem

The Brand-X stem is 3d Forged from Aluminium to produce a stem which is strong and stiff yet still lightweight. It is designed to use a bar with a clamping zone of 31.8mm and is available in lengths from a 60mm to 70mm


Our Flip/Flop design allows the user to easily run it upside down to help keep the front end low; Ideal for any Mountain bike where the front tends to be higher than you would want.



Size 70mm

Rise: 7 Degrees

Clamp Diameter: 31.8

Material: 3D Forged Aluminium

Finish: Anodised

Colour: Black

EN-M Approved

Weight: 149 grams


Package includes :

1 X B-X MTB 70mm Stem 31.8mm