2 in 1 Bicycle /Escooter Anti Theft Alarm + Electric Horn

Type: Bell
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This device is simple to install onto a standard bike handlebar and have it secured integrated with electric Horn + anti theft functions 

The cable wire is long enough to position near the left or right handle, just out of the way of accidentally pressures, but still close enough so you can slide your thumb and activate the horn.

To activate the alarm, you just hold down the "0" button for a few seconds. After that, if there is a slight movement, the siren will sound alarm which will deter thefts

It's moderately loud--certainly loud enough to scare off a burglar.



Mounting bar Diameter: Approx. 2.5cm

Default Password: 0000

Power Supply: 4 X AG13 Button Battery 


Material: Plastic

Size: 4.4*4.5*5.1 cm

Color: Black


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Package Includes:

1 X New 2 in 1 Bicycle /Escooter Anti Theft Alarm + Electric Horn