Shimano XTR M9000 Ultimate Race Single Speed MTB Crankset

Type: Crank
Vendor: Shimano
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Since their introduction, Shimano XTR cranks have been the best cranks you can put on a mountain bike. Extremely strong, remarkably lightweight, and stiffer than a straight shot of whiskey! Shimano XTR M9000 cranks also feature the most advanced mountain bike chainrings ever produced. The rings are constructed using a sensible combination of titanium, carbon and aluminum to provide unprecedented strength while keeping overall weight to a minimum. The arm construction exemplifies the level of craftsmanship that's put into an XTR crankset, utilizing a 3D hollow bonded structure to further reduce weight and increase stiffness. The Shimano XTR FC-M9000 Race crankset features a narrow Q-Factor for a more aerodynamic pedal stroke.


Made in Japan 


Shimano XTR M9000 Race 11 Speed Single Crankset

XTR FC-M9000 Race cranks are modular, creating a Rider Tuned platform whereby single and double chainrings can be used on the same crank arm. XTR FC-M9000 cranksets debut the most advanced mountain bike chainrings ever produced that utilize combined titanium, carbon and aluminium materials.


Dedicated XTR 1x chainrings debut proprietary chainring retention technology in a tooth profile that eliminates the need for chain retention devices.


These Race cranks have a narrower 158mm Q-factor and utilize a lighter and stiffer 3D hollow bonded structure on the non-drive arm.


Please note, Bottom Bracket, Chainring is NOT included.




Forged Race Version 

M9000 Race lighter than M9020 Trail version

Class-leading XTR Race 11-speed Dyna-Sys crankset, integrating the bottom bracket and crankset into a strong, rigid, yet lightweight unit

Integrated design makes installation and adjustments easier than ever

Precision bottom bracket bearings are spaced further apart, and are therefore more stable and longer lasting than conventional bottom brackets

XTR Race crankset uses hollow-bonded construction for the L/H crank arm, shaving vital grams where possible

Easy to use splined bottom bracket spindle connection provides a rigid and secure interface between crank and spindle

With a 50.4mm chain line and a 158mm Q-factor ideally suited for XC Race use in conjunction. 

Compatible with all new XTR chainrings, please use SM-CRM90 chainrings or other compatible 96bcd Chain Ring From DCBIKES. 


The 170mm Crank arms are constructed of a 3D Hollow bonded structure for increased stiffness.

The teeth on the top gear are made of titanium.

Compatible with 1x set-ups or dual speed set up

Small-step gearing on the 2x speed option increases pedaling rhythm and overall efficiency.

Weight 563g (without BB)


Package includes :

1 X Shimano XTR M9000 Ultimate Race 11 Speed Single Crankset without bottom Bracket or chain ring